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Croatian islands

Croatia is known as "the land of 1000 islands" and each tells its own story, legends, tradition and local customs that await for you to be shared with. We are able to present only briefly just a small part of it to encourage you to come and make sure of the uniqueness of these thousands-year-old cliffs surrounded by sea.

The island of HVAR -The sunny coast island

The longest and most indented island of Hvar is adorned by the largest number of sunny days a year. Pharos, as ancient Greeks named it, warmly welcomes all its guests with sweet smells of lavender, olives and wine. It is well worth exploring summer nights' magic, vivid life that flows through its narrow streets, mystical touch of the old churches and monasteries. A sip of famous wine made of grapes of the island's southern slopes is bound to seduce you.


The Kornati archipelago – The scaterred pearls

Spreading out in the deep blue sea of the central Adriatic, the Kornati islands is a group of 150 islands, islets and reefs situated just across the cities of Šibenik and Zadar. In many ways they have been unique-intrique geomorfology, magnificient scenery, well-indented coastline, rich underwater ecosystem, crystal clear sea, plentiness of sunshine, numerous little bays and ports. All of these make them an imperativ destination for wandering boaters.
The great G.B.Shaw spoke about its breathtaking scenery: "On the last day of creation God desired to crown his work and thus created the Kornati islands out of his tears, the stars and breath."


The island of Biševo – The blue pearl

Inseparably connected to the island of Komiža, at the beginning Biševo was believed to have been inhabited by sirens. Actually, those sirens were a kind of seals, known as a Mediterranean monk seal who lived and died in one of the caves of the island. Nowadays it is very rare, said by locals, to be seen now and then. The most famous cave is the Blue cave in which play of lights and shadows breaks through the underwater gap and creates magical light show. It's simply not possible to resist diving into its silvery deepness. The same silvery moves into the vineyards where is produced the quality wine known as "biševski plavac".



The Adriatic volcanic triangle

Everyone considering themselves a bit of an adventurer is likely to visit the islands of Jabuka and Brusnik - made of magma eruption - which together with the island of Palagruža - partly eruptive origin - make the Adriatic volcanic triangle.

The island of Murter – The fishermen's island

You will be thrilled by long lasting tradition of fishery, olive production and shipbuilding as well as its little stone towns situated on only 18 km². The bridge only 12m long connects the island with the land.

The island of Brač – Heavenly beaches

The most attractive beaches are certainly found on Brač and the beauty of the beach Zlatni rat at Bol is more than well-known, thanks to its gravel cape where winds and waves create amazing shapes.
Being covered in pine woods, vineyards and olive fields, worldwide known for its stone quarries, numerous seaside and summer resorts, historical and cultural sights, airport and marina easily accessible, Brač is one of the most favourite destination.

The island of Mljet – The green island

Thanks to its thick pine woods, karst caves, gravel and sandy beaches, underwater rich in fish and lobsters, two picturesque lakes connected to sea, the western part of the island is on the list of national parks.

The island of Korčula – Legends and monuments

Only on this island can you watch "Moreška" – dance of knights, in memory of big naval battles that were fought between Venice and Geneva. Korčula is also known as a hometown of Marco Polo.

The island of Lastovo

Far away, on the open sea hides a small island of only 50 km² area, with indented gravel coast, sandy beaches, houses built as cascades in the struggle for a better view.

The island of Vis – Hidden beauty

Afford yourself light-hearted holiday away from the mainland, under high palm trees where you surely will get in touch with the nature, enjoying the fishermen's stories.

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