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Maestral: the northwestern local wind which blows from the sea, mostly in the summer, friendly to sailors for its strenght. Bringing the fresh sea air it softens the summer heat, usually starts blowing around 10 a.m. and reaches its greatest strenght in the afternoon to die down in the sunset. After sunset the silence falls and the weak land wind – burin starts blowing.

Bura: the most usual coastal winter wind. Dry and cold, blows by fits and starts from the eastern side of the Adriatic and can last up to ten days.

Jugo (široko): warm and humid, blows from the southeast, mostly in spring and autumn. Sometimes it blows several days in a row, causing high waves at sea and thus dangerous for sailing. The cyclone brings rain, sometimes with lightening.

Tramontana: a type of bura, northerly wind. It doesn't reach the strenght of bura but lasts longer, developing suitable waves. It's more common in the south of the Adriatic.

Levanat: another type of bura, easterly short-lasting local wind of a moderate strenght. It is chilly and rainy wind which blows mostly in winter and in summer in the early morning.

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